We are Yorkshire Dales Cross Country Ski Club

Experience the adventure of cross country skiing right here in Yorkshire! Founded in 1981, we’re a cross country ski club with heart and passion for skiing both on snow and tarmac. In fact we offer regular rollerski sessions in Leeds and York which is excellent preparation for cross country skiing, great for fitness and above all lots of fun.

Our main activity is roller skiing. Roller skiing is cross-county skiing on wheels, the best method of learning cross country technique without snow. Just like the on snow version – there are different types of roller ski – one for classic style only and one for skating style.

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Many associate cross country skiing with countries such as Norway and Finland and they would be right to. Scandinavia is where Nordic sports (where the skier has a free heel) originated. This doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who get a chance to do this sport. In fact there are many places around the world where cross country skiing is a major sport. Often it is a useful way to get around!