Our Mission

We aim to promote cross country skiing and roller skiing as sporting and recreational activities for people of all ages and abilities, including complete beginners. Also we want to create a club with community at the heart. Our social programme offers a wide and varied mix of activities for members to get involved with and is an important part of our club culture. We are run by volunteers and love spreading awareness about the joy of cross country skiing.

We love…

Cross Country Skiing

There is nothing better than getting wrapped up with lots of layers, putting on our cross country ski boots and spending a morning sliding and gliding through beautiful snow covered landscapes. Of course there is much more to cross country skiing such as two distinct techniques, different types of skis and waxing.

We also love…

Roller Skiing

When there is no snow, the next best thing is a super smooth cycle circuit . We practise all the same techniques as cross country skiing but instead of long flat skis, we have shorter skis with wheels. It’s a great way to stay in shape and get ready for the winter months!