Deborah – Newsletter and Instructor

A relative newcomer to roller skiing and cross country skiing, I can claim no great sporting achievements. 

I have enjoyed many years of downhill skiing and have always thought that skiing uphill was just plain silly. But being impressed with the cross country skiing during the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, and needing a new challenge, I started taking roller ski lessons at the York Sports Village with the YDCCSC coaches I haven’t looked back since.  I’ve become fitter and made many new friends. And although cross country skiing was never my intention when I joined the club (I just intended to roller ski), I went on my fifth cross country ski trip this year and I love it, even the up hill. (Actually that last bit is a lie -I still hanker for a chair lift – but I will persevere……..)

And more recently I have passed my Level One Coaching Award. Which just goes to show that, with a little bit of dedication and enthusiasm, anyone can roller ski!