Website changes March 2020

While many of our club members are enjoying a well deserved club holiday to Norway, work on our club website continues. Please bear with us if your favourite page is temporarily unavailable, we will get it back up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep skiing!

Preparing for the future

Today 3 of us got together over lunch to work on a new glossy leaflet to promote the club. We aim to have it in print by the end of July so that we can hand it out at events and email copies to sports clubs. We would love to attract new members and hopefully … Continue reading Preparing for the future

We are on Twitter!

As you may or may not know, we have a Facebook page that people can access direct from here on our website but we have never dipped our toes into the Twittersphere. Twitter is used by millions of people worldwide and offers a fantastic way to connect with others. If you already have a Twitter … Continue reading We are on Twitter!

New Wakefield cycle track

Over the summer there were murmurings of a brand new cycle track being built at a school in Wakefield. Was it really happening? What was it going to look like? Would we be able to use it? Whispers quickly became conversations and then now it has slowly become a reality! We are super excited here at … Continue reading New Wakefield cycle track

Strength to strength!

We have a fabulous roundup of all the latest goings on at your favourite cross country ski club so grab yourself a cuppa and get settled in! Members galore  Current membership figures reveal that we now have 64 club members. It is good to see that many of the adults who have participated in the … Continue reading Strength to strength!

Rollerski racing in York

A select group gathered in the fog at the York Sports Village Cycle track on the first day of November. (Some of the more experienced Yorkshire Dales skiers were enjoying roller skiing in Scotland this weekend- we hope to hear how that went and add some photos and a short report in due course.) We … Continue reading Rollerski racing in York

We are live and skiing!

We launched the new website quietly a couple of weeks ago now without fuss nor fanfare but for a fab cross country skiing club such as ours, I think we can now release the white doves, get the town crier ‘oh yayying’ and most definitely write a welcome to the NEW blog post! Have a good … Continue reading We are live and skiing!