YDCCSC goes from strength to strength!

Current membership figures reveal that we now have 64 club members. Its good to see that many  of the adults  who have participated in the 6 week Go Roller Ski courses at the York Sports Village have followed through and joined the club.

Welcome all!

One thought on “YDCCSC goes from strength to strength!

  1. Hi my name is Artur, I’m Polish 44 years old.
    I was looking for something more challenging than jogging. I’ve found the Skike …
    I did some research and I’ve bought the Skike V8 Lift Cross … I’ve never been skating at all, well, two years ago I tried inlane skates and after few tries I’ve found them very unkomfortable and just not right for me.
    The Skike seemed to me so different in deed!
    The trouble is that I need to learn how to properly use them, how to push off with the poles and learn all such things to be good , professional like skater and enjoy it.
    Yesterday I went out for first time and I had realised that I’m even struggling to keep balance , what about movements and other things?
    Yes, I wish I could join some skating school for beginners to practice my skills at a front of a professional eyes , somebody who will guide me how to skating safely and properly.
    It seems to be all new in UK?
    May be I’m just wrong but you are the first club I’ve found that is close to me (I’m living in Bradford WY) and you training Roller Ski…
    From my point of view these are so close to Skike? The technique must be so similar too?
    Do you know any “skike” school near by my town where I could join and learn skating please? May be you could provide me with some beginner training please?
    My wife used to skating on inline skates years ago while a child yet. Because the equipment is very expensive we couldn’t afford to get two pairs unfortunately so my wife still has got the inline skates at this moment…
    Would you be able to advice me anything please?
    All I do for now is trying on my own to get used to the Skike I’ve got and not to kill myself ;o)
    I’m watching YouTube videos and trying to copy what I see …
    Thank you.

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