Promotional Video- the rumours!

Rumours abound about the soon-to-be-released Go Rollerski Video. Will the mature club members get a look in? Or will the young whippersnappers steal the day? How will Richards hair look? Did we manage to breath in for long enough? Will it show Debs and Amy rollerskiing or just eating cake?


2 thoughts on “Promotional Video- the rumours!

  1. Great video but, sadly, it was not mentioned that the age range of those participating covered 70 years.

    1. Good point Alan. The blurb which we were asked to publish with the video wasn’t mine, but I have inserted a comment about the age range of the participants on the rollerskiing page of the website, and on the post about the video on the home page.
      Thanks for your feedback, from Debbie Johnston.

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