Old School Race Day

Sunday 11th July saw the first Yorkshire Dales ‘Old School’ Race Day!

Mixed teams of 3 and 4 took part in a team time trial obstacle challenge relay. As a team, everyone had to complete several agility challenges and finish off with a cumulative 5km race. Obstacles included good old egg n spoon races and limbo challenges. Despite lots of close calls, no one fell over and everyone walked away with a prize and a smile. John, Rex and Claire were the winning team but that may have more to do with poor time keeping skills rather than super fast and agile skiing!

There was another first on the track on Sunday. A very young gentleman was seen skiing- yes SKIING, on skis, on the track. On skis, not rollerskis or skikes but proper skis. His father is already having to rewax the bases and is looking for a local ski shop that can repair some of the scratches…..