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Gearstones 2018

Its been a wet and windy weekend up in the Ribble Valley but we remained in high spirits as we battled the gales and bog hopped our way across Plover Hill towards the  summit of Pen-y-gent. We took the decision to descend before the final push as visibility was poor and winds were getting stronger and stronger.  Others took themselves off to explore Hawes, Sedbergh and Dent. Dave and Glenda’s excellent catering revived us all back at the lodge. Another great weekend – the 25th visit to Gearstones Lodge by the YDCCSC.

A few more photos on the Gallery page.

Sundays at the track at York Sports Village

Despite  cold and grey weather, we have seen good numbers of roller skiers on the track since Christmas. All have benefitted from the expert tuition of Martin, Martin and Richard and progress has been made in both classic and skate technique. Frosty conditions on a couple of sessions have meant that those who normally skate have tried classic roller skis. Practising both styles does improve overall technique, so every drill counts.

30 Days of SnowSport begins!

A number of YDCCSC members started this annual occasion off in style with a rollerski skills training weekend in Lancaster with SnowSport England…a full report will be available in the upcoming Winter newsletter!

There are 3 rollerski sessions this starting with Leeds – Wednesday 7pm, York – Friday 7.30pm and culminating in a Don’t Chat, Just Ski event at York – Sunday 9am….oh and an intro to ski parkour…be intrigued! be very intrigued!!


A belated Happy New Year to you all!

Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas break and have lots of lovely skiing related stories to tell (or maybe you have a holiday booked and are counting down the days till you go!)

Some of our members have been enjoying the delights of Switzerland and Norway over the New Year and Christmas so keep your eyes peeled in the next newsletter for their holiday reports and snowy photos.

Rollerski sessions have started back last Friday at York with Martin Roscoe and further details of upcoming sessions will be finding their way to you via the usual means (please get in touch if you are interested in coming along to them). We’ll also be back at the Wakefield track too but as yet we don’t have a start date  – we’ll let you know ASAP.

Let’s raise a toast to a fab 2017 of cross country skiing and rollerskiing! Cheers!


Mince pies and end of term high fives

It has been a busy Autumn for the club with lots of rollerski sessions for us all to choose from including the new BKCat track in Wakefield. For now our trial has finished at the track with the hill (more to come later about them there hills!) but we are squeezing in another couple of session in York before we all break for Christmas holidays.

Friday night from 7.30 – 9pm and Sunday morning 9am – 11am

The Sunday session will incorporate a Winter Handicap race, mince pies and secret Santa – for more details head on over to Facebook and make sure you put Sunday 11th December in your diary!

We’ve even got a Yorkshire Dales walk on Saturday so if you’re interested get in touch ASAP.

**NEW** Wakefield cycle track opening soon!

Over the summer there were murmurings of a brand new cycle track being built at a school in Wakefield. Was it really happening? What was it going to look like? Would we be able to use it? Whispers quickly became conversations and then now it has slowly become a reality!

We are super excited here at YDCCSC as there are so few places that are away from traffic that offer super smooth tarmac for rollerskiing – the arrival of a new track can only mean good news for us all! Members of the committee visited the facility before it had even been finished being built and my oh my they were impressed 🙂

Keep a close eye out for further details of rollerski sessions starting there very soon…have a little sneak peek by going to their website: