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Rollerski racing in York

Pic of All those Involved + a stray dog.
Pic of All those Involved + a stray dog.

A select group gathered in the fog at the York Sports Village Cycle track on the first day of November. (Some of the more experienced Yorkshire Dales skiers were enjoying roller skiing in Scotland this weekend- we hope to hear how that went and add some photos and a short report in due course.)

We started with a 3 km race. Those with more experience completed this on classic skis whilst others took to skate skis. This race was won hands down by Miroslav Havelka who completed the 3km in 9 minutes 35 seconds. Tim and Chloe Griffiths did amazing well in their first race coming in at 13, 37 and 14, 54 respectively. Young Will Tomlinson  skated with great style and came in at 18, 37, but biggest applause must go to his 6 year old sister Grace who was by far the most improved rollerskier of the day. Grace completed 2 full laps and a short lap in 25 minutes and 10 seconds, a huge leap up from previous events where she has done one lap.

With barely time to catch breath we moved on to the endurance event, with 4 skiers doing 30 minutes and 3 more continuing on to an hour. Again this was won convincingly by Miroslav who completed 24kms  in 61 minutes and 4 seconds. Steph Cook was not far behind him in second place overall (First Lady) Steph achieved her goal of breaking the women’s lap record for York Cycle Track by completing 23 laps (23 kms) in 60 minutes and 46 seconds. Well done Steph!!! Third in the one hour event (sounds better than last!!!) was Martin Roscoe who powered round on some old classics  and completed 16 laps in 60 minutes and 9 seconds.

So well done to all who took part, especially those entering for the first time.



We are live and skiing!

We launched the new website quietly a couple of weeks ago now without fuss nor fanfare but for a fab cross country skiing club such as ours, I think we can now release the white doves, get the town crier ‘oh yayying’ and most definitely write a welcome to the NEW blog post!

Have a good look around and get yourself comfy with the new layout and features – Facebook has made an appearance and will update automatically which will help keep everyone on their toes with current news and interesting articles. We have a lovely shiny brand new events calendar with organiser details to find out more and maps to help you find your way to them.

Over the next few weeks we will explain some of the newer features and take you through the updated ones to hep you get acquainted with the NEW but for now go forth and enjoy! P.s. You are welcome!

The Video!!!

Yes, the much anticipated Go Rollerski video has arrived in our mailboxes. The rollerskiers shown ranged in age from 6 years to over 70 years old, proving that roller skiing is well and truly a sport for all. Well done to all involved! Click below to watch, watch and watch again.


Promotional Video- the rumours!

Rumours abound about the soon-to-be-released Go Rollerski Video. Will the mature club members get a look in? Or will the young whippersnappers steal the day? How will Richards hair look? Did we manage to breath in for long enough? Will it show Debs and Amy rollerskiing or just eating cake?