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(We have chosen the best shots of ourselves. We have not chosen the photos which show us falling over or eating cake.)

  Chair – John Anderson

John Roller skiing for comittee 063 gernknodel at Birkegg test, Leutasch Seefeld

John hails from Middlesborough and took up cross country skiing back in 1991 after finishing his career at sea. And after 24 years he says he’s still trying to get the hang of it!  He joined Yorkshire Dales because he thought it seemed a very sociable club. And he’s not stopped socialising since with many club holidays, walking and canoe trips and roller ski tours under his belt! On snow skiing is what he really enjoys though- as well as eating gernknodels- and roller skiing is a means to that end.

Secretary -Martin Appleby

  P1040398 P1060589 DSC_0382

I have been cross country skiing for over thirty years and a member of the Yorkshire Dales Cross Country Ski Club for nearly as long. A keen sportsman,  I have enjoyed walking/backpacking, rugby, marathon running, swimming and more. I’m too old for some of these now, but to my mind cross country skiing and its summer equivalent, roller skiing, incorporates elements from all of these activities: physical intensity, endurance, technical skill, love of the outdoors and, once you have reached a certain level, great joy when gliding along under your own efforts. Cross country skiing and roller skiing can be practised at any age and at many different levels, either competitively or just for recreation. in short, a sport for all.


Treasurer – Helen Bell

DSC_0352 P1040394

My first taste of cross-country skiing was in the early eighties, on the pavement outside my house in Huddersfield, when it was too snowy to go out running. I was hooked! I enjoy roller skiing and local skiing in Yorkshire (when the snow comes), but my favourite place to ski is Finnish Lapland.

Membership Secretary -Glyn Parry

Glyn Parry

Glyn is the Yorkshire Dales Cross Country Ski Club’s longest serving member. He has served the club loyally for over 30 years in various capacities-instructor, chairman and newsletter editor. Glyn’s dedication to cross country skiing and the Yorkshire Dales Club was rewarded in 2013 when he was placed on Snowsport England’s Volunteer Roll Of Honour. Only a handful of volunteers each year are so honoured. Currently family commitments mean Glyn doesn’t ski or rollerski as often but he still serves the club as a very efficient membership secretary.


Facebook Page Administrator -Dave Coulthard

Lakeland2015 014 crop 01 Lakeland 100 2014

I have been skiing longer than I care to own up to but started with downhill skiing 37 years ago. My first real cross country skiing came with my first winter deployment to Norway with the Royal Marines in 1982, where we spent 3 months learning how to live and operate in the Arctic environment. I then then went on for another 10 winter deployments where I perfected the art of keeping my balance on cross country skis whilst carrying a massive amount of kit. I also had time to represent both my unit and the Royal Marines at various ski championships. I only returned to rollerskiing in 2009 as an alternative to running for keeping fit, and I still use rollerskiing to supplement my cardio and endurance training. Away from roller skiing I enjoy a number of sports including running and fell running. I do a bit of paragliding when weather and work commitments allow. I have 2 grown up children, the youngest, Alex, being a keen rollerskiier prior to going to university.

West Yorkshire Rollerski Instructor – Martin Roscoe


Before concentrating on cross country skiing and rollerskiing I used to be an OK runner, biathlete (run swim) and duathlete (run bike run)- but nowt special. My claims to fame are minor: I have run in a world mountain running championship,and coached an athlete to Commonwealth Silver Medal. I have cycled up Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux and consider them nowt special (compared to the ride from Sion to Thyon 2000) I once came second in a national poll (carried out by Athletics Weekly) for the athlete that had contributed most to club running, i.e. I was the second most stalworth runner in the country over a period of 20 years. I am a very distant cousin of Martin Roscoe the concert pianist -he got the talent, I got the looks!

Jane Cromack

P1060593 - Copy (2)

Yorkshire Ski Federation Rep – Wendy McRae

Wendy, Wildmoos Seefeld last year

Website Administrator – Amy Gumbrell

Website Administrator – Deb Johnston

P1040156 (2)

A relative newcomer to roller skiing and cross country skiing, I can claim none of the sporting accomplishments of all the members above, but I do excel at cake eating. I have enjoyed many years of downhill skiing and have always thought that skiing uphill was just plain silly. But being impressed with the cross country skiing during the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 (in particular the gorgeous Martin Foucade!!!) I started taking roller ski lessons at the York Sports Village with Martin Roscoe, in an effort to get fit. I went on my fourth cross country ski trip this year and I love it, even the up hill. (Actually that last bit is a lie -I still hanker for a chair lift – but I will persevere……..)

Newsletter Editors are Deb Johnston, Amy Gumbrell and Anna Moody.


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  1. Hi Deb and Amy
    I’m just sending out details of the new website to club members and asking them to contact you with any comments. I’m trying this box out to see where it gets to? Should I put your email addresses down for contact?

    1. Hi Helen. You don’t need to add an address- the comments appear as we log onto the website as editors. Alan Jones put a comment about the video, saying it was a shame that the 70 year age range was not mentioned, so I’ve added in a comment on that on the relevant pages. This all shows that the website is working ok.

  2. Hi. I live in Nottinghamshire and wondered if you know of any roller ski clubs nearby? Or do you visit other areas to train people like me who are keen to learn the sport? Thank you

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